June 2 -June 26, 2017
Linda Miller, Marjan Kluepfel , Sarah Yost, and guest artist Dianne Van de Carr
"Wings, Water & other Wonders In Fabric, Glass & Paint"
Reception: Friday, June 9, 2017, 7:00pm - 9:00 pm

The Artery presents, Wings, Water, and Other Wonders showcasing the works of Marjan Kluepfel, Linda Miller, Sara Helen Yost, and Dianne Van de Carr. The show will extend from June 2 to 26th with a reception on Friday, June 9, 7-9 pm. This show is full of bright colors and interesting textures. There will be collaborative pieces; glass crabs and flowers; underwater scenes; birds and butterflies in paint and fabric and more.

Sara Helen Yost contributes fascinating collages using photos of flowers and plants from her yard. These photos are fused onto fabric in a way to mimic wings, water, fish and butterflies, and then become pillows, wall hangings and other delightful pieces. Sara Helen's Local Lovelies will provide fresh bouquets on reception night and they will be available to buy.

Linda Miller paints realistic images on canvas and wood. She adds 3-D pieces to some of her paintings; for example glass crabs, jellyfish and fish from Dianne Van de Carr's collection. Many of her pieces have a central subject, such as a bird, which is surrounded by a border of related scenes within the border squares

Marjan Kluepfel uses fabric and thread as her medium instead of paper, with her sewing machine substituting for a brush. Her designs are organic, influenced by her love of nature. The bright colors and movement in her pieces express her positive outlook on life.

Dianne Van de Carr is the glass artist in the group. Her glass flowers are irresistible and will never fade.