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TThe Artery Annual All Member Holiday Gift Show
Through December 31, 2019

Extended Holiday Hours start December 10 when we will be open until 9 p.m. every weeknight through December 23. On Christmas Eve and New Years Eve we will close at 4 p.m.

holiday pillow
Cindy Nelson - Holiday Pillow
Holidays—the best time of year for loving, giving and sharing: Homemade cookies; carols sung in harmony; houseful of guests; gifts wrapped in pretty paper; pies on a sideboard; sending cards to friends near and far. The Artery has gifts for this enchanting season as well as every day of the year.
Some favorite things: pretty and practical pottery; Cuteware with smiling faces; glorious stained, fused and blown glass; scintillating silver and gold jewelry; fabulous photos; amazing artwork; handsome purses, hats and pillows; grand gourds with a humorous vibe; greeting cards to keep in touch; tantalizing textiles including baskets, wall hangings, woven shawls and blankets; wood carvings as well as wood bowls, desk sets, cutting boards, walking sticks, toys and more.